What Can Be Done to Improve a BER?

  • Energy efficient light bulbs can reduce the consumption of electricity by up to 80%, helping to improve your BER. So replace all incandescent and halogen light bulbs with CFL and LED low energy bulbs.
  • Use draught excluder tape to seal all windows, doors and letterboxes.
  • Install a lagging jacket to your copper hot water cylinder.
  • When not in use, block up chimneys with chimney balloons.
  • We all love an open fire, however, open fires operate at an efficiency of 30%. If you have an open fire with a back boiler you can install a stove door to turn the existing fireplace into a stove with a back boiler which will increase its efficiency up to 65%. Likewise, a wood burning stove achieves efficiencies of up to 65%.
  • If possible, single glazing or old air filled double glazing should be replaced with new energy efficient argon filled double glazed units. Costs of upgrading your windows in this manner can be reduced by up to 50% by keeping your existing frames. This will improve heat retention by up to 400%.
  • Old wall vents should be replaced with new disc vents that create an airtight seal when not in use.Improve Your BER
  • Install thermostatic radiator values so that radiator temperature can be regulated on a room to room basis.
  • Solar Panels can reduce water related heating costs by up to 70% annually. Upgrade your wall insulation.
  • Upgrade your central heating controls. By installing a digital 7 day 3 zone time and temperature control system to your existing boiler you can save up to €500 a year on fuel bills.
  • An oil or gas boiler that is more than 10 years old is most likely operating at 79% of its maximum efficiency. Up to 97% efficiencies can be achieved by replacing your old boiler with a condensing oil boiler.
  • Top up the level of insulation in your attic to at least 300mm. It is also important to lag your cold water storage tank and pipes to prevent frost damage.


Grants are available towards some of these improvements.  Visit our Goverment Grants Page for more information.